Monday, January 19, 2009

From my list of "Things I wish I could do simultaneously":

Type while running on a treadmill.

How awesome would that be?!

That's it. I'm getting a personal secretary. Um... excuse me. A personal administrative assistant.


Over and out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

On This American Life last week...

...there was a story on a couple who marketed themselves to each other which we unfortunately only heard the advertisement for. I am currently trying to "market" the idea to ben that this would be a fun exercise in creative writing. If I am successful, I will post here.

Let's see...general thoughts/beginning notes...the four p' Well, hello, I was definitely in the right place for him to meet me and get to know me....but we should address distribution, too. We both love to travel. Right. Check. Now, make it sound pretty.

Product. Good do I describe myself as a product? This is a hard one since I've always had that semi-feminist idea that I'm not an object. Must do more thinking about this. Though, I can say that I'm aesthetically appealling and fully operational. :-)

Price. Ha! I guess he did sort of buy me with all those expensive dinners...not to mention all the trips he has paid, I feel sort of slutty now. Hehe.

Promotion. Hm. The toughest of them all, since I did not join any online dating services or what not...though Jess did promote me to ben. Yes, must reference friends' attempts to set me up in this section, in addition to random nights out at bars, the joining of clubs & events, etc. All self promoting techniques.

Ok just jotting down thoughts on this is a fun thing, so I think I'm gonna have to make a day of it....stay tuned...which really means, "stay tuned for several years, bec the liklihood of me following through is slim to none."

Ben S, keeper of Stingrays, pirahnas, etc, invited us to Red Carpet Night at the aquarium

Ben C. was disappointed to discover we didn't actually get to wear red carpet attire. :-)

More colorful than Raccoon Mountain!

Fun with sea creatures...

"two fingerin' the sturgeon"...sounds dirty!

55 degree water is pretty darn cold!

Thanks, Ben S., for inviting us to come to red carpet night!

Thanks, friends, for a wonderful b'day!

For some reason, this is all I have pic-wise....

Late Christmas at Heather's

oops...put these on here backwards. Anyway, Happy Christmas, little Hannah!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Now that I am over the depression a bit, I am finally finding the time to get on here and update everyone. We are not (yet again) moving to Knoxville after all. Here's what happened:

The company I work for (I try to keep it fairly nameless) had a catastrophe. National headline making catastrophe. I'm sure you've all heard about it. Anyway, so due to the catastrophe, there was a reorg of the group I was going to work for, and my spot was moved from Knoxville to Nashville. I was still offered the position, but obviously had to withdraw my acceptance. Anyway, back to the drawing board.

I want to say a warm thanks to all the peeps who sent me wonderful b'day wishes this week! During such a horrific time (yes, I was absolutely crushed), it was amazing to see how many people there are out there that love me. I love you all, too!

Also, thanks to those who made it out with me not only on Wednesday, but also on "Black Monday". :-)

Um...what else? DId I mention the power yoga classes at North Shore on here yet? For Chattanoogans, I highly recommend it. I took the day off and went to this morning's class...which totally kicked my butt.

Mika is going to be in trouble when his daddy wakes up and finds him purring on dad's favorite *black* windbreaker. I'm being a naughty mommy and allowing the purring bec it is too sweet. His little eyes seem so happily relaxed.

Oh! Also! My friends Eric and Mandy are on a photog's website - please vote for their pic and they receive a free huge print. Here's the link: --> they are pic No 9. If anyone really wants to help them out, I think you can vote daily. Go Mandy, Eric & little Anna Claire!

Ok...I guess since I have taken the day off, I probably should not waste it away on my laptop. Have a terrific weekend, everyone! xoxo. :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, I've been REALLY behind on here, but I just wanted everyone to know that I have accepted a new position in Knoxville. I'm not going to go on about it here just because I don't know what stalkers read this :-) but feel free to email me. I'll just say that it's an area that I have previously not worked in before and an excellent opportunity and of course more money...oh, yeah...and those moving/relocation costs that make moving to Knoxville a (now) no brainer. (Not to say that there aren't cons, though.) Goodbye to Chatty and to all of our wonderful friends here. I will miss you...please don't forget us!

Don't have a start date yet, but will keep everyone informed.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bobby surprised mom and dad for Christmas this past weekend!

We had such a good time. I wish every Christmas could be filled with as much fun & excitement!

Entire Stewart Family

Entertainment at the Stewart house is always a sci fi old favorite this year: The Day the Earth Stood Still

I <3 my Nashville Predators!

Went to Vandy game --> then they started sucking --> "Curse of Stacey"